Dog Daycare



Does your doggie need more exercise? Does he or she get bored or lonely while you’re at work? Maybe your pup gets into mischief while home alone? Doggie daycare at Dallas Pet Den is the ideal solution. Plus, of course, it’s tons of fun for your furry friend.


We take the safety of the pets in our care very seriously, so each dog must first complete a Free Meet & Greet to ensure that they are a good fit for Daycare. Book your dog's Meet & Greet today for a FREE trial day of Daycare!

Bring your dog back to school!

Brown and white dog holding yellow ball with two dogs following.
Dog with their head out car window
Seven dogs sitting and standing by each other.

1st day of daycare FREE

* for new daycare dogs

Dalmation leading walking dogs.


Dallas Pet Den offers the biggest indoor/outdoor doggie daycare in the Dallas area, all of it designed for canine fun & safety. We’ll keep your dog exercised, socialized, and entertained while you’re at work or out of town.

Here are some of the reasons pet parents choose Dallas Pet Den:

  • Over 7,000 square feet of outdoor playgrounds
  • 100% supervision by highly-trained staff
  • Playgroups carefully chosen by size, age, personality, and playstyle
  • Fun playground equipment
  • Awnings and splash pools for fun in the sun
  • Secure double doors and fencing
  • Conveniently located at the southeast corner of Mockingbird Ln and Abrams Rd
Dog walking ahead of human.


In our 20 years of operation, we’ve had the opportunity to fine-tune our daycare experience into the safest (and most fun) possible.

  • State-of-the-art air filtration and ventilation

  • Sophisticated sanitation systems

  • Careful playgroup selection based on Meet & Greet evaluations 

  • Special turf outdoors for maximum cleanliness

  • Tall fences and double-door entrances

  • Intensive staff training

Dog Daycare Pricing & Packages




Veterinarians and industry experts agree doggie daycare is the ultimate outlet for canine fun and exercise. But did you know it provides a variety of important benefits not found anywhere else?

  • Socialization is key. Dogs are social by nature, but their social skills need to be honed before they’re truly settled in with the pack. Doggie daycare is a constructive and supervised environment for dogs to interact with fellow canines of similar size and personality. Proper socialization is scientifically proven to lead to greater self-confidence and better overall behavior in dogs.

  • Great source of physical exercise. Unfortunately, a daily walk isn’t enough exercise to keep most dogs healthy. What better way to exercise your pup than drop him off at daycare before you head to work? After a day of romping and playing in our doggie daycare, your dog will feel satisfied and exercised come evening.

  • Mental stimulation matters. Dogs were originally bred as our working partners, and a craving for mental exercise is embedded in their instincts. The benefits of the mental stimulation that come with structured play, human & canine interaction, and socialization in daycare can’t be overstated. 

  • Reduces destructive habits. When dogs get bored or lonely, they tend to develop undesirable behaviors. Have you ever come home to holes in the yard? Your favorite shoes chewed up? Scratches in the hardwood? The mental & physical engagement that comes with daycare can help reduce your dog’s urges to act out.

two dogs running grass


  • Meet & Greet required

  • Dog vaccines required: Bordetella (every 6 months), rabies, distemper/parvo

  • Dog Spay and Neuter: by 6 months

  • Daycare allows: leash, collar, meals, medications